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31.       Sears, D.W., Grossman, J.N., Melcher, C.L., Ross, L.M. and Mills, A.A. (1980a)  Measuring the metamorphic history of unequilibrated ordinary chondrites.  Nature, 287, 791-795.

83.       Sears, D.W.G., Lu Jie, Benoit, P.H., DeHart, J.M. and Lofgren, G.E. (1992a)  A compositional classification scheme for meteoritic chondrules.  Nature 357, 207-210.


Letters to Nature

1.         Sears, D.W. and Mills, A.A. (1973)  Temperature gradients and atmospheric ablation rates for the Barwell meteorite.  Nature Physical Science, 242, 25-26.

4.         Sears, D.W. and Mills, A.A. (1974c)  Existence of two groups in the thermoluminescence of meteorites.  Nature, 249, 234-235.

11.       Sears. D.W. and Axon, H.J. (1976)  Nickel and cobalt contents of chondritic meteorites.  Nature, 260, 34-35.

17.       McKeever, S.W.S. and Sears, D.W. (1978)  Thermoluminescence and the terrestrial age of the Estacado meteorite.  Nature, 275, 629-630.

26.       Rambaldi, E.R., Sears, D.W. and Wasson, J.T. (1980)  Si-rich grains in highly unequilibrated chondrites.  Nature, 287, 817-820.

39.       Guimon, R.K., Weeks, K.S., Keck, B.D. and Sears, D.W.G. (1984a)  Thermoluminescence as a palaeothermometer.  Nature, 311, 363-365.

43.       Sears, D.W.G., Weeks, K.S. and Rubin, A.H. (1984d)  An EL5 chondrite and its significance.  Nature, 308, 257-259.

70.       Batchelor, J.D. and Sears, D.W.G. (1991a)  Metamorphism of eucrite meteorites studied quantitatively using thermoluminescence.  Nature 349, 516-519.


Small Pieces

P9.       Sears, D.W.G. (1981)  Terrestrial ages of meteorites.  Nature, 293, 433.  (Invited comment.)

P10.     Sears, D.W.G. (1983)  The calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions in meteorites.  Nature, 303, 572-573.

P11.     Sears, D.W.G. (1984a)  Chondrules and Their Origins ed. by E.A. King.  Nature, 311, 88.  (Book review.)

P13.     Sears, D.W.G. (1985a)  The Primordial Nebula and Deep Sea Spherules.  Nature, 313, 528 (invited comment).

P15.     Sears, D.W.G. (1986b)  Window on the early solar system.  Nature, 322, 309.  (Invited comment.)


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