1974 Publications



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Peer-Reviewed Articles

2.         Sears, D.W. and Mills, A.A. (1974a)  Thermoluminescence studies of the Allende meteorite.  Earth Planet Sci. Lett., 22, 391-396.


3.         Sears, D.W. and Mills, A.A. (1974b)  Thermoluminescence and the terrestrial age of meteorites.  Meteoritics, 9, 47-67.


4.         Sears, D.W. and Mills, A.A. (1974c)  Existence of two groups in the thermoluminescence of meteorites.  Nature, 249, 234-235.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts


Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P1.       Sears D.W. (1974a)  Exobiology.  Contribution to a children's enclyclopaedia.


P2.       Sears D.W. (1974b)  Faraday, Michael (1791-1867).  How it Works, 952-953. Marshal Cavendish, London.


P3.       Sears D.W. (1974c)  Dalton, John (1766-1844).  How it Works, 704-705.  Marshal Cavendish, London.

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