1977 Publications



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Peer-Reviewed Articles

12.       Sears, D.W. (1977a)  Meteorites and the origin of the solar system.  J. Brit. Interplan. Soc., 30, 344-348.


13.   Mills, A.A., Sears, D.W. and Hearsey, R. (1977)  Apparatus for the measurement of thermoluminescence.  J. Phys. (E): Sci. Instrum., 10, 51-56.


14.   Sears, D.W. and Sears, H. (1977)  Sketches in the history of meteoritics 2: The early chemical and mineralogical work. Meteoritics, 12, 27-46.


15.   Vaz, J.E. and Sears, D.W. (1977)  Artificially induced thermoluminescence gradients in stony meteorites.  Meteoritics,12, 47-60.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A2.      Sears, D.W. (1977b)  The origin of meteorites 1770-1850.  Meteoritics, 12, 361.


A3.      Sears, D.W. and Axon, H.J. (1977)  Condensation/accretion conditions of the major iron meteorite groups.  Meteoritics, 12, 362.


Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P4.       Sears, D.W. (1977c)  Chemical Petrology - with applications to the Terrestrial Planets and Meteorites, by R.F. Mueller and S.K. Saxena.  J. Brit. Interplanet. Soc., 31, 79. (Book review).

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