1979 Publications



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Peer-Reviewed Articles

21.   McKeever, S.W.S. and Sears, D.W. (1979)  Meteorites and thermoluminescence.  Meteoritics, 14, 29-41.


22.   Melcher, C.L. and Sears, D.W. (1979)  The thermal stability of thermoluminescence in meteorites.  Meteoritics, 14, 249-253.


23.   Sears, D.W. (1979a)  Did iron meteorites form in the asteroid belt?  Evidence from thermodynamic models.  Icarus, 40, 471-483.


24.   Sears, D.W. (1979b)  The composition of iron meteorites:  A study by factor analysis.  Meteoritics, 14, 297-306.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A7.      Durrani, S.A., Bull, R.R., McKeever, S.W.S., Mold, P. and Sears, D.W. (1979)  Thermoluminescence and charged particle track studies of individual chondrules from the Alta'Ameen (LL5), Dhajala (H3) and Kirin (H5) meteorites.  Meteoritics, 14, 388-390.


A8.      Sears, D.W. (1979c)  Thermoluminescence of meteorites; relationships with their K-Ar age and their shock and reheating histories.  Meteoritics, 14, 534-535.


Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P6.       Sears, D.W. (1979d)  Rocks on the ice.  New Scientist, March 22, 959-961.


P7.       Sears, D.W. and McKeever, S.W.S. (1979)  Rocks that glow in the dark.  New Scientist, July 12, 112-114.

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