1981 Publications



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Peer-Reviewed Articles

32.   Chou, C.-L., Sears, D.W. and Wasson, J.T. (1981)  Composition and classification of clasts from the St. Mesmin meteorite.  Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 54, 367-378.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A13*.  Sears, D.W. and Wasson, J.T. (1981)  Dark inclusions in Abbott, Cynthiana and Abee chondrites.  Lunar and Planet. Sci. XII, 958-960.


Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P9.       Sears, D.W.G. (1981)  Terrestrial ages of meteorites.  Nature, 293, 433.  (Invited comment.)



*  There is no A12

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