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Peer-Reviewed Articles

33.   Sears, D.W., Grossman, J.N. and Melcher, C.L. (1982a)  Chemical and physical studies of type 3 chondrites - I: Metamorphism-related studies of Antarctic and other type 3 ordinary chondrites.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 46, 2471-2481.


34.   Sears, D.W., Kallemeyn, G.W. and Wasson, J.T. (1982b)  The compositional classification of chondrites:  II. The enstatite chondrite groups.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 46, 597-608.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A14.    Sears, D.W. (1982)  Instrumental neutron activation analysis of type 3 ordinary chondrites.  Meteoritics, 17, 279.


A14a.   Sears, D. W. G. (1982)  Thermoluminescence of a gas-rich meteorite and the relationship between gas-rich and gas-poor meteorites.  Workshop on Lunar Breccias and Soils and their Meteoritic Analogs. A Lunar and Planetary Institute Workshop held 9-11 Nov. 1981 at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, in Houston, Texas. Edited by G. J. Taylor and L. L. Wilkening. LPI Technical Report 82-02, published by Lunar and Planetary Institute, p.126.


A15.    Sheng, Z., Sallee, W. and Sears, D.W.G. (1982)  Trace element data on enstatite chondrite components and the Qingzhen enstatite chondrite. Lunar and Planet. Sci. XIII, 718-719.


A16.    Sparks, M.H. and Sears, D.W.G. (1982)  Mechanism for metamorphism-induced TL changes in UOC:  Evidence from Dhajala chondrules.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XIII, 754-755.


Unrefereed and Popular Articles


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