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Peer-Reviewed Articles

44.       Carr, C. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  Toward an analysis of the exchange of meteoritic iron in the Middle Woodland.  Southeastern Archaeology, 4, 79-92.


45.       Guimon, R.K., Keck, B.D. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  Chemical and physical studies of type 3 chondrites - IV: Annealing studies of a type 3.4 ordinary chondrite and the metamorphic history of meteorites. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 19, 1515-1524.


46.       Rubin, A.E., James, J.A., Keck, B.D., Weeks, K.S., Sears, D.W.G. and Jarosewich, E. (1985)  The Colony meteorite and variations in CO3 chondrite properties.  Meteoritics, 20, 175-196.


47.       Weeks, K.S. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  Chemical and physical studies of type 3 chondrites - V: The enstatite chondrites.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 49, 1525-1536.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A22.    DeHart, J.D. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  The metamorphic history of ordinary chondrites according to cathodoluminescence.  Meteoritics, 20, 634-635.


A23.    Hasan, F.A. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985a)  Thermoluminescence study of the shergottites.  Lunar Planet. Sci., Supplement A, XVI 13-14.


A24.    Hasan, F.A. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985b)  The natural thermoluminescence of Antarctic meteorites: Some comparisons with non-Antarctic meteorites.  Workshop on Antarctic Meteorites, Mainz, July 1985.


A25.    Keck, B.D., Guimon, R.K. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  An annealing study of Dhajala, an H3.8 chondrite, and application to the palaeothermometry of meteorites.  Meteoritics, 20, 781-782.


A26*.  Lofgren, G.E., Guimon, R.K. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  Devitrification and the thermoluminescence properties of ordinary chondrites.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XVI, 497-498.


A28.    Sears, D.W.G., Weeks, K.S., Guimon, R.K. and Calhoun, B. (1985)  Highly volatile element trends in type 3 ordinary chondrites.  16th Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. (Presented but not printed).


A29.    Weeks, K.S. and Sears, D.W.G. (1985)  Siderophile elements and the relationship between type 3 and equilibrated ordinary chondrites. Meteoritics, 20, 781-782.


*  There is no A27.

Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P13.     Sears, D.W.G. (1985a)  The Primordial Nebula and Deep Sea Spherules.  Nature, 313, 528 (invited comment).


P14.     Sears, D.W.G. (1985b)  Meteorites are clues to the early solar system.  Geotimes, June issue, 12-14 (Conference report).

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