1991 Publications



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Peer-Reviewed Articles

70.           Batchelor, J.D. and Sears, D.W.G. (1991a)  Metamorphism of eucrite meteorites studied quantitatively using thermoluminescence.  Nature 349, 516-519.


71.           Batchelor J.D. and Sears D.W.G. (1991b)  Thermoluminescence constraints on the metamorphic, shock and brecciation history of basaltic meteorites. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 55, 3831-3844.


72.           Benoit, P.H., Sears, D.W.G. and McKeever, S.W.S. (1991a)  The natural thermoluminescence of meteorites - II. Meteorite orbits and orbital evolution. Icarus 94, 311-325.


73.           Benoit P.H., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991b)  Thermoluminescence survey of 12 meteorites collected by the European 1988 Antarctic meteorite expedition to Allan Hills and the importance of acid washing for thermoluminescence sensitivity measurements. Meteoritics 26, 157-160.


74.           Sears, D.W.G., Hasan, F.A., Batchelor, J.D. and Lu Jie (1991a)  Chemical and physical studies of type 3 chondrites XI: metamorphism, pairing, and brecciation of ordinary chondrites.  Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 21, 493-512.


75.           Sears D.W.G., Benoit P.H. and Batchelor J.D. (1991b)  Evidence for differences in the thermal histories of Antarctic and non-Antarctic H chondrites with cosmic ray exposure ages <20 Ma. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 55 1192-1197.


76.           Sears, D.W.G., Benoit, P.H., Sears, H., Batchelor, J.D. and Symes, S. (1991c)  The natural thermoluminescence of meteorites: III. Lunar and basaltic meteorites. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 55, 3167-3180.


77.           Sears, D.W.G., Lu Jie, Keck, B.D., Batchelor, J.D. (1991d)  Metamorphism of CO and CO-like chondrites and comparisons with type 3 ordinary chondrites. Proc. NIPR Symp. Antarct. Meteor. 4, 1745-1805.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A81.      Batchelor D.J. and Sears D.W.G. (1991c)  Thermal history of LEW85300, LEW85302, 85303 shocked eucrites: thermoluminscence of individual clasts and matrix.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXII, 63-64.


A82.      Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991d)  Data on meteorite orbits and orbital evolution from natural thermoluminescence and cosmic ray exposure ages of observed falls.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXII, 87-88.


A83.      Benoit P.H., Lu Jie, Jull A.J.T. and Sears S.W.G. (1991c)  Thermoluminescence and C-14 of Non-Antarctic meteorites: Terrestrial ages of Prairie State finds.  Meteoritics, 26, 316-317.  (Meeting version)


A84.      Benoit P.H., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991d)  Ice movement, pairing and meteorite showers of ordinary chondrites from the Allan Hills.  Meteoritics, 26, 317. (Meeting version)


A85.      Benoit P.H., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991e)  Thermoluminescence of meteorites from the Lewis Cliff: Ice movements, pairing, orbit, and Antarctic/non-Antarctic comparisons.  Meteoritics, 26, 317. (Meeting version)


A86.      Lu Jie, Sears D.W.G., Benoit P.H., Prinz M. and Weisberg M.K. (1991)  Related compositional and cathodoluminesce trends in chondrules from Semarkona.  Meteoritics, 26, 317. (Meeting version)


A87.      Sears D.W.G. and Benoit P.H. (1991)  The thermal and fragmentation history of H chondrites: Antarctic and non-Antarctic comparisons.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXII, 1209-1210.


A88.      Sears D.W.G., Benoit P.H., Sears H., Batchelor, D.J., and Symes S. (1991e)  The natural thermoluminescence properties of basaltic and lunar meteorites.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXII, 1211-1212.


A89.      Sears D.W.G., Lu Jie and Benoit P.H. (1991f)  Volatile loss during chondrule formation.  Meteoritics, 26, 394. (Meeting version)


A90.      Sears D.W.G., Lu Jie, Benoit P.H., DeHart J.M. and Lofgren G.E. (1991g)  A compositional classification scheme for chondrules.  Meteoritics 26, 393-394.


A91.      Symes S., Benoit P.H., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991)  Natural thermoluminescence and anomalous fading: terrestrial age, transit times,and perihelia of lunar meteorites.  Meteoritics, 26, 399-400. (Meeting version)


Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P31.       Benoit P., Sears H. and Sears D. (1991f)  Natural thermoluminescence (NTL) data for antarctic meteorites.  Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter 14(1), 15. Johnson Space Center, Houston.


P32.       Benoit P.H., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991g)  Appendix 2. Natural thermoluminescence data for meteorites collected by the 1988/1989 German expedition.  In "Meteoritical Bulletin No. 71",  ed. F. Wlotzka, Meteoritics 26, 262.


P33.       Benoit P.H., Sears D.W.G. and Sears H. (1991h)  Natural thermoluminescence measurements on meteorites collected on the Lewis Cliff Blue Ice Field.  Antarctic Journal 26, 53-55.


P34.       Benoit P., Roth J., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1991i)  Natural thermoluminescence (NTL) data for antarctic meteorites.  Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter 14(2), 23. Johnson Space Center, Houston TX.



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