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Peer-Reviewed Articles

84.           Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993a)  Breakup and structure of an H-chondrite parent body:  The H-chondrite flux over the last million years.  Icarus 101, 188-200.


84a.        Benoit, P. H.; Sears, D. W. G. (1993b)  A recent meteorite shower in Antarctica with an unusual orbital history.  Earth and Planetary Science Letters 120, 463-471


85.           Benoit P.H., Sears H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993a)  The natural thermoluminescence of meteorites - V: Ordinary chondrites at the Allan Hills vicinity.  J. Geophys. Res. 98, 1875-1888.


86.           Benoit P.H., Jull A.J.T., Mckeever S.W.S. and Sears D.W.G. (1993b)  The natural thermoluminescence of meteorites VI:  Carbon-14, thermoluminescence and the terrestrial ages of meteorites.  Meteoritics 28, 196-203.


87.           Benoit P.H., Sears D.W.G. and McKeever S.W.S. (1993c)  Natural thermoluminescence and terrestrial ages of meteorites  from a variety of temperature regimes.  Radiat. Detect. Dosimet. 47, 699-674.


88.           Lipschutz M.E., Wolf S.F., Vogt S., Michlovich E., Lindstrom M.M., Mittlefehldt, D.W., Schultz L., loeken T., Scherer P., Dodd R.T., Sears D.W.G., Benoit P.H., Wacker J.F., Burns R.G. and Fisher D.S. (1993)  Consortium report on the ancient H chondrite regolith breccia Noblesville.  Meteoritics 28, 528-537.


88a.        Matsunami S., Ninagawa K., Nishimura S., Kubon N., Yamamoto I., Kohata M., Wada T., Yamashita Y., Lu Jie, Sears D. W. G., and Nishimura H. (1993)  Thermoluminescence and compositional zoning in the mesostasis of a Semarkona group A1 chondrules and new insights into the chondrule-forming process.  Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 57, 2101-2110.


89.           McCoy T.J., Keil K., Ash R., Morse A.D., Pillinger C.T., Wieler R., Mayeda T.K., Clayton R.N., Benoit P.H., Sears D.W.G., Casanova I., Muenow D.W., Moore C.B., Lewis C.F. and Wilson I.R. (1993)  Roosevelt County 075:  A petrologic, chemical and isotopic study of the most unequilibrated known H chondrite.  Meteoritics 28, 681-691.


90.           Sears D.W.G., Benoit P.H. and Lu Jie (1993a)  Two groups each with distinctive rims in Murchison recognized by cathodoluminescence.  Meteoritics 28, 669-675.


Abstracts and Extended Abstracts

A105.   Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993c)  Natural Thermoluminescence profiles in lunar cores and implications for meteorites.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXIV, 95-96.


A106.   Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993d)  Meteorites from recent Amor-type orbits.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXIV, 93-94.


A107.   Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993e)  The great 8 Ma event and the structure of the H-chondrite parent body.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXIV, 91-92. 


A108.   Huang S., Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993a)  The group A3 chondrules of Krymka: further evidence for major evaporative loss during the formation of chondrules.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXIV, 681-682. 


A109.   Sears D.W.G., Benoit P.H., Lu Jie and Sears A.S.R. (1993b)  Cathodoluminescence observations of in situ aqueous destruction of chondrules in the Murchison CM chondrite.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXIV, 1269-1270. 


A110.   Zhang Y., Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993a)  Lewis Cliff 87057:  A new metal-rich EH chondrite with similarities to Mt. Egerton, Shallowater and Happy Canyon.  Lunar Planet. Sci. XXIV, 1571-1572. 


A111.   Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993f)  The orbital distribution of earth-crossing asteroids and meteoroids.  Meteoritics 28, 322-323.


A112.   Chen Y., Pernicka E. and Sears D.W.G. (1993)  The concentrations of some refractory and volatile elements in CaS of enstatite chondrites.  Meteoritics 28, 336.


A113.   Huang S., Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993b)  Metal and sulfide in Semarkona chondrules and rims:  Evidence for reduction, evaporation, and recondensation during chondrules formation.  Meteoritics 28, 367-368.


A114.   Sears D.W.G., Huang S. and Benoit P.H. (1993c)  The compositional classification of chondrules and the petrologic type of an especially primitive H chondrite.  Meteoritics 28, 434-435.


A115.   Symes S.J., Guimon R.K., Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993)  Thermoluminescence and metamorphism in CV chondrites.  Meteoritics 28, 446-447.


A116.   Zhang Y., Benoit P.H. and Sears D.W.G. (1993b)  LEW 88180, LEW 87119 and ALH 85119:  New EH6, EL7 and EL4 enstatite chondrites.  Meteoritics 28, 468-469.


A117.   Sears D.W. and Benoit P.H. (1993)  Dating volcanic lavas - Thermoluminescence methods.  EOS, Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union, 74 (supplement), 650.


A118.   Benoit P.H., Welch T. and Sears D.W. (1993d)  The thermoluminescence and cathodoluminescence properties of feldspar:  A preliminary assessment for the dating of recent (<1 My) volcanic and igneous rocks.  EOS, Trans. Amer. Geophys. Union, 74 (supplement), 649-650.


Unrefereed and Popular Articles

P40.       Benoit P.H., Roth J., Sears H. and Sears D. (1993e)  Natural thermoluminescence (NTL) data for antarctic meteorites.  Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter 16(1), 21. Johnson Space Center, Houston TX.


P41.       Benoit P.H., Roth J., Sears H. and Sears D. (1993f)  Natural thermoluminescence (NTL) data for antarctic meteorites.  Antarctic Meteorite Newsletter 16(2), 21. Johnson Space Center, Houston TX.


P42.       Benoit P.H., D.W.G. Sears, H. Sears and J. Roth (1993g)  Thermoluminescence profiles in meteorite finds and climatic change and ice thickness in the Allan Hills, Antarctica, Region during the quarternary.  Antarctic Journal 28, 52-54.


P43.       Sears D.W.G. (1993a)  Thermoluminescence of meteorites. In  Thermoluminescent Materials (D.R. Vij, ed.).  pp. 99-121.  Prentice-Hall. (Reprint at the editor's request of item 63 above.)


P43a.      Sears, D. W. G. (1993b)  Editorial – The planetary science in meteoritics.  Meteoritics, volume 28, page 3.


P43b.     Sears, D. W. G. (1993c)  Editorial – O time and change!.  Meteoritics, volume 28, page 159.


P43c.      Sears, D. W. G. (1993d)  Editorial – "I doubt if there has ever been another story quite like it".  Meteoritics, volume 28, page 259.


P43d.     Sears, D. W. G. (1993e)  Editorial – Astrophysics, asteroids, aubrites, unusual meteorites and a new associate editor.  Meteoritics, volume 28, page 487.


P43e.      Sears, D. W. G. (1993f)  Editorial – The case of the not so lost sodium.  Meteoritics, volume 28, page 607.

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