Our group studies meteorite chondrules by:

1.      analysis of the composition of individual phases minerals and in chondrules by electron microprobe analysis

2.      bulk analysis by instrumental neutron activation analysis

3.      isotope analysis in collaboration with other groups

We are especially interested in:

1.      Documenting the range of chondrule properties, especially with respect to composition. To this end we have proposed a compositional classification scheme for chondrules which we have applied to ordinary chondrites and plan to extend to carbonaceous and enstatite chondrites.

2.      Reactions occuring during chondrule formation, these being mainly the loss of volatiles, reduction of FeO and other species and isotopic fractionations and exchange with ambient gases.

3.      Formation of chondrules.

Below is the chondrule classification scheme devised for ordinary chondrites using cathodoluminescence (Sears et al. 1992).

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